Tomatillo Cream Sauce Recipe

This recipe was created specifically for my pork chop with pomegranate seeds and tomatillo cream sauce recipe. It can be used really for anything: tacos, steak, pasta. More than usually, I make this recipe as a salsa, which means leaving out the heavy whipping cream  (basically working up to step 4 then stopping). When made as … Continue reading Tomatillo Cream Sauce Recipe

Chimichanga Recipe: Arizona Comfort Food

Okay. So, I don't claim that a chimichanga is authentic Mexican food, but it is an Arizona staple. Our state is saturated with celebrated, authentic Mexican food. Most of us are the kind of people who want taco trucks on every corner!  So, next to California, we kind of have the market on Mexican-American food mashups. Thus, … Continue reading Chimichanga Recipe: Arizona Comfort Food