imageWhen reading this blog, there are three important things to know:

1) I love the word foodie and I am not ashamed to use it. Actually, I’m trying to take it back.

2) My childhood was spent in family kitchens, sopping up recipes and learning beginners cooking techniques. My late teen and early adult years were spent working in various food establishments, stalking the heels of every chef or line cook that would teach me. Then, in the fall and winter of 2014, I maintained my own table at a small Alabama farmers market, where I sold freshly-baked artisan breads and pastries. From these experiences, I gained the belief that the truest passion possible for food and food culture must be organically homegrown; it should be cultivated early in life and then sustained, no matter a person’s economic background. Also, food is a language in its own right. So, it should be sought out, committed to memory, and then translated into as many aspects of life that one can imagine. Thus, the mission of this blog is to support, to educate, and to connect committed foodies of all types, cultures, and palates.

3) Life is an enigma meant to be solved via reflection and the written word. So I write, about anything and everything that peaks my fancy. Readers will find that this blog additionally serves as a repository for many of my ramblings and literary ruminations.

Other than that, I am a graduate student at Arizona State University pursuing my Master’s degree with a concentration in nonfiction, publishing, and communication. I also handle Cleaver Magazine’s social media and edit the Cleaver Editors’ Blog.

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